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    I am pleased to accept the invitation of being the editor of an Area in PSYCHOMEDIA concerned with psychotherapy. When I started thinking at the material I could publish in this area, soon I realized that any attempt at selecting the documents was not easy at all. Some pages of Robert Musil's book The Man without Qualities (1930) came immediately to my mind. In those pages Musil, with an extraordinary irony, makes fun of some attempts aimed at systematization of knowledge. Musil tells us how General Stumm von Bordwehr (by no coincidence, a military) comes up with his incredible project of writing down a catalogue of ideas:

    a sort of "big real-estate register of modern culture", with a detailed list of every thinker and his ideas, "an attempt at identifying the warehouses and arsenals where ideas are supplied", starting from the idea "that is, so to speak, the highest, the first one among all other ideas of the modern world"; everything should be "divided into square boxes with horizontal and vertical lines, like a flow chart or a military registry", also considering that "for a special gift of fate every idea has its own counter-idea", because "if someone says something, someone else says the opposite" (Robert Musil, The Man without Qualities [1930], Vol. 1, Part II ["The same things come back"], ch. 85 ["The efforts of General Stumm to put some order in the brains of the bourgeoisie"], pp. 359-363 - see these pages, that I have published in this area).

    Musil's acute irony was directed against the naive and grandiose expectations of a kind of science that at the beginning of the XXth century was rapidly expanding. But it could be very well suited also today, particularly to the complexity of psychotherapy, a very young "science" where many colleagues come up and say that they "finally understand how it works", and propose general schemas, graphics, and models.

    I have chosen then a modest and open title, "Problems of psychotherapy", in order to refer to an area in which documents of various orientations are be published, at times even in a random order, possibly ready to stimulate discussions. Since the different positions become clearer if they are published together with critical comments, the documents, whenever possible, are followed by discussions written by authors who hold different opinions, as according to the format I had used in the "Psychotherapy" section of, a journal where previously I was editing a similar area. In order to maintain a continuity with the work previously done in that journal, the first documents listed in this area are made of links to the documents previously published in (these are the first ten). Then there are the documents published in PSYCHOMEDIA, links to debates that have taken place in discussion lists (mostly in the "Psychotherapy" list [PM-PT], of which I was national co-owner), and links to some of my publications that are on the Internet.

    The title "Problems of psychotherapy" (with the subtitle "In search for the 'true mechanism of action' of psychotherapy"), incidentally, is the same title I gave to a regular column I was asked to write since 1987 in the journal Il Ruolo Terapeutico of Milan. I thought that it could be a good idea to publish in this area also all my articles that appeared in that journal, so that they could be easily available to all interested readers. These articles cover various topics, those that all along these years have attracted my curiosity:

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    Many of these articles also appear, in longer versions, in my book Terapia psicoanalitica (Milan: Franco Angeli, 1995; new edition: 2010). I thank Il Ruolo Terapeutico, publisher of the journal until 1997, and Franco Angeli of Milan, who published it from 1998 to 2015, for having kindly given the permissions to reproduce this material in PSYCHOMEDIA.

    Paolo Migone, M.D. <>, September 1999

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    • Dibattito sulla EMDR
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    • Dibattito su Come usiamo le (quattro) psicologie? Considerazioni sull'integrazione psicoterapeutica
      (PM-PT, November 2001-January 2002 - PM, 13 March 2002)
      Editing by Luca Panseri & Paolo Migone
      Discussions: Tullio Carere, Davide Cavagna, Paolo Cozzaglio, Licia Filingeri, G. Giacomo Giacomini, Paolo Migone, Piero Porcelli, Gian Paolo Scano, Pietro Spagnulo

    • Debate on Psychotherapy Integration: pre-congress (2 parts: May 2001 to March 2002) and post-congress (4 parts: March 2002 to January 2003) debates of the First SEPI-Italy Meeting 'Integrità e integrazione in psicoterapia', Milan, 16 March 2002
      (Private List of SEPI-Italy, May 2001-July 2002 - PM, 1 March 2002 and 16 July 2002) 
      Editing by Tullio Carere e Paolo Migone 
      Discussions: Giorgio G. Alberti, Sergio Benvenuto, Tullio Carere, Giovanni Liotti, Paolo Migone, Diego Napolitani, Mario Rossi Monti
      See also the pre-congress (Jan. to March 2006) e post-congress (March to April 2006) debates of the Second SEPI-Italy Meeting 'La pratica dell'integrazione in psicoterapia' (Florence, March 24-26, 2006). Editing by Tullio Carere. Discussions: Patrizia Adami Rook, Giorgio G. Alberti, David Allen, Mark Dworkin, Mike Basseches, Ken Benau, Sergio Benvenuto, Tullio Carere, Tyler Carpenter, Paolo Franchini, Zoltan Gross, Giuseppe Lago, Giovanni Liotti, Daniela Maggioni, Andre Marquis, Paolo Migone, John Norcross, Luca Panseri, Hilde Rapp, George Stricker, Stephan Tobin, Paul Wachtel, Chris Wagner, Barry Wolfe, Alberto Zucconi, Allan Zuckoff
      See also the "SEPI on Science" debate held in the SEPI International list in March-April 2009

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