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See the Rapaport-Holt Letters (1948-1960), edited by Bob Holt (2017)

Next Meeting: June 9-10, 2023 (61st Annual Meeting)

Paper presentations published on this web site

1990: Pier Francesco Galli, "Psychoanalysis as the Story of a Crisis"
1993: Richard Lasky, "Countertransference and the analytic instrument" (in PDF)
1995: Lawrence Friedman, "Merton Gill's Psychoanalytic Paradigm"
1999: Robert Wallerstein, "Generations of Psychotherapy Research: An Overview" (in Psychomedia)
2003: Robert Holt, Philip Holzman, Roy Schafer, Herbert Schlesinger, Fred Schwartz, Peter Wolff et al., "40th Anniversary of the Rapaport-Klein Study Group: Reflections on David Rapaport" (video)
2003: Neil Altman & Jody Messler Davies, Editorial of no. 1/2000 of Psychoanalytic Dialogues
2004: Marcia Cavell, "Valuing Emotions"
2009: Phebe Cramer, "Empirical Studies of Defense Mechanisms" (in PDF)
2010: Jeanine M. Vivona, "Embodied Language in Neuroscience and Psychoanalysis" (2009) (in PDF)
2010: Panel discussions by Jeremy D. Safran, Morris N. Eagle, and David L. Wolitzky on "Clinical and Empirical Issues: Disagreements and Agreements" (The background for this panel is the controversy stirred by Irwin Hoffman's 2009 article "Doublethinking our Way to 'Scientific' Legitimacy: The Desiccation of Human Experience") (in PDF) (Listen to the audio-recording, with interventions by David Wolitzky, Morris Eagle, Jeremy Safran, Paul Lippmann, Kenneth Frank, Marsha Cavell, Mauricio Cortina, Anne Erreich, Everett Waters, David Olds, Rebecca Curtis, etc.)
2012: Robert R. Holt, "On our Golden Anniversary" (on the 50th Anniversary of the Rapaport-Klein Study Group)
2013: Heather A. Berlin, "The Neural Basis of the Dynamic Unconscious" (2011) and "Neuroscience Meets Psychoanalysis" (2009) (in PDF)
2015: Jerome C. Wakefield, "Concept Representation in the Child: What Did Little Hans Mean by 'Widdler'?" (in PDF) (pre-publication draft of chapters 12 and 13 of the forthcoming book The Day the Horse Fell Down)
2016: J.A. Scott Kelso, "On the self-organizing origins of agency" (in PDF)
2016: Arnold D. Richards and Arthur A. Lynch, "The Rapaport-Holt correspondence: The Menninger connection and the history of the IPBooks project" [see also a draft and a PowePoint file by Arnold Richards]
2017: Everett Waters, "The secure base script in attachment theory and research" (Audio and slides of the first part of the presentation)
2017: Dagmar Herzog, "Freud's 'Cold Wars': Christianization and Desexualization of Psychoanalysis in the Postwar United States" (Video of a presetation in Bologna, Italy, on December 17, 2016)
2019: Daniel Kahneman, "Memories of a summer with David Rapaport in 1960, and possible sequelae": Audio-recording and Transcript of the talk and of the discussion (see also the introduction by Morris Eagle)
2020: Miguel Básañez, "Values, Cultures and Behavior in a World of Three Cultures" [see a synopsis] [See the video] [Listen to the audio only]
2020: Ray s. Jackendoff, "Language, Meaning, and Rational Thought" [see a PowerPoint document] [See the video] [Listen to the audio only]
2020: Vittorio Gallese, "Habits, Social Practice and Symbol-making. A Just-so Story" [See the slides] [see the paper "Brain, Body, Habit and the Performative Quality of Aesthetics", 2021] [See the video] [Listen to the audio only]
2021: Cristina Alberini, "Remembering, Forgetting and the Neurobiological Bases of Identity" [See the slides] [See the video] [Listen to the audio only] [Both in the video and in the audio the first minutes are missing]
2021: Mark Solms, "Revision of Drive Theory" [See the video] [Listen to the audio only] [This presentation appears in issue no. 4/2021 of JAPA]
2021: Michael Tomasello, "Language, Meaning, and Rational Thought" [see the paper "The ultra-social animal", 2014] [Listen to the audio only]
2021: Wilma Bucci, Charles M. Jaffe, and Sean Murphy, with the participation of Bernard Maskit and Leon Hoffman, "The Mind of the Therapist and the Measures of Research: A Clinician-Researcher Collaboration for the Study of Psychotherapy Process" [See the video] [Listen to the audio only]
2022: Members remember Paul Lippmann (1934-1922) [See the video] [Listen to the audio only]
2022: Christopher Christian, "Intersubjectivity and Modern Conflict Theory: Points of Convergence and Divergence" [See the video] (The part with clinical material has been deleted) [See a similar presentation of 2015 in Italy]
2022: Gaia Vince, "How Did Humans Transcend the Normal Rules of Evolution" [See the video] [Listen to the audio only]
2022: Nathan Kravis, "Charisma" [See the video] [Listen to the audio only]
2022: Lawrence Friedman, "Ego Psychology: The Mind as an Object" [See the video] [Listen to the audio only]

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