Rapaport-Klein Study Group

Annual Meeting Program - June 11-13, 2010 (see the Letter to Members)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.: Jeremy Safran, Morris Eagle, and David Wolitzky,
Panel discussion on "Clinical and Empirical Issues: Disagreements and Agreements".
The background for this panel is the controversy stirred by Irwin Hoffman's article
"Doublethinking our way to 'scientific' legitimacy: The desiccation of human experience"
(Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, 2009, 57, 5: 1043-1069)

Listen to the audio-recording of this panel discussion


Schedule of the interventions:

0.00-0.24: David Wolitzky
0.24-0.24: Paul Lippmann
0.24-0.45: Morris Eagle
0.45-0.45: Paul Lippmann
0.45-1.29: Jeremy Safran
1.30-1.33: Morris Eagle
1.33-1.35: Jeremy Safran
1.35-1.35: Morris Eagle
1.35-1.38: M. Gerard Fromm
1.38-1.38: Jeremy Safran
1.38-1.40: Kenneth Frank
1.40-1.42: Marsha Cavell
1.42-1.45: Mauricio Cortina
1.45-1.46: Morris Eagle
1.46-1.48: David Wolitzky
1.48-1.51: Anne Erreich
1.51-1.53: Jeremy Safran
1.53-1.53: Paul Lippmann
1.54-1.58: Everett Waters
1.58-1.59: David Olds
1.59-2.00: Marsha Cavell
2.00-2.01: David Wolitzky
2.01-2.02: Jeremy Safran
2.02-2.02: Morris Eagle, David Wolitzky, Paul Lippmann, Jeremy Safran
2.03-2.04: Morris Eagle
2.04-2.05: Rebecca Curtis
2.05-2.05: Paul Lippmann

Draft of the Discussion by Jeremy D. Safran
Draft of the Discussion by Morris Eagle
Draft of the Discussion by David Wolitzky (both in short and long version)

[A note by Morris Eagle and David Wolitzky: "We took issue with Hoffman's JAPA paper and are in the process of collaborating on a critique of it to send to JAPA. We are posting drafts of what we have written thus far. Eagle's draft is a point-by-point critique of Hoffman's paper. Wolitzky's draft incorporates several of Eagle's points, adds others, and provides a more general discussion of the issues involved. We hope you will help us sharpen the points we make and add others. On the assumption that you will read the material in advance, we will present only a very brief summary of it at the meeting so as to have ample time for discussion, following Jeremy Safran's discussion of our papers."]

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