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Volume 64

September/October 2002

Number 5

Depression and Coronary Artery Atherosclerosis and Reactivity in Female Cynomolgus Monkeys
Carol A. Shively, J. Koudy Williams, Kathy Laber-Laird, and Raymond F. Anton

Plasma Endothelin-1 Release During Acute Stress: Role of Ethnicity and Sex
Frank A. Treiber, Gaston K. Kapuku, Harry Davis, Jennifer S. Pollock, and David M. Pollock

The Role of Rumination in Recovery from Reactivity: Cardiovascular Consequences of Emotional States
Laura M. Glynn, Nicholas Christenfeld, and William Gerin

Cardiovascular Reactivity and the Presence of Pets, Friends, and Spouses: The Truth About Cats and Dogs
Karen Allen, Jim Blascovich, and Wendy B. Mendes

Effect of Depressive Symptoms on Survival After Heart Transplantation
Stephan Zipfel, Antonius Schneider, Beate Wild, Bernd Lšwe, Jana JŸnger, Markus Haass, Falk-Udo Sack, GŸnther Bergmann, and Wolfgang Herzog

Repressive Coping Style, Acute Stress Disorder, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder After Myocardial Infarction
Karni Ginzburg, Zahava Solomon, and Avi Bleich

A Quantitative Review of Prospective Evidence Linking Psychological Factors With Hypertension Development
Thomas Rutledge and Brenda E. Hogan

Diurnal Variations in Coagulation and Fibrinolysis in Vital Exhaustion
Rob van Diest, Karly Hamuly‡k, Willem J. Kop, Carina van Zandvoort, and Ad Appels

Stress Exposure, Psychological Distress, and Physiological Stress Activation in Midlife Women With Insomnia
Joan L. F. Shaver, Sandra K. Johnston, Martha J. Lentz, and Carol A. Landis

Moderating Effects of Coping on the Relationship Between Stress and the Development of New Brain Lesions in Multiple Sclerosis
David C. Mohr, Donald E. Goodkin, Sarah Nelson, Darcy Cox, and Michael Weiner

Randomized Controlled Trial of Internet-Based Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Distress Associated With Tinnitus
Gerhard Andersson, Tryggve Stroemgren, Lars Stroem, and Leif Lyttkens

Death or Illness of a Family Member, Violence, Interpersonal Conflict, and Financial Difficulties as Predictors of Sickness Absence: Longitudinal Cohort Study on Psychological and Behavioral Links
Mika KivimŠki, Jussi Vahtera, Marko Elovainio, Benita Lillrank, and May V. Kevin

Acute Stress Disorder After Burn Injury: A Predictor of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder?
JoAnn Difede, J. T. Ptacek, Jennifer Roberts, Daniel Barocas, Wendy Rives, William Apfeldorf, and Roger Yurt

Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis and Psoriasis Vulgaris With Bupropion-SR: A Pilot Study
Jack G. Modell, Sarah Boyce, Eric Taylor, and Charles Katholi

Psychological Effects of Hazardous Materials Exposures
Dana F. Kovalchick, Jefferey L. Burgess, Kelly B. Kyes, James F. Lymp, Joan E. Russo, Peter P. Roy-Byrne, and Carl A. Brodkin

Bellyaching in These Pages: Upper Gastrointestinal Disorders in Psychosomatic Medicine
Susan Levenstein

Chronic Pain and Psychopathology: Research Findings and Theoretical Considerations
Jeffrey Dersh, Peter B. Polatin, and Robert J. Gatchel

Psychoneuroimmunology: Stress, Mental Disorders and Health ğ Fundamentals of Psychoneuroimmunology
Charles L. Raison, Andrew H. Miller, Lucile Capuron, Jane F. Gumnick, and Andrew H. Miller

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