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Volume 43

Summer 2007

Number 3

Wilma Bucci, "Dissociation from the Perspective of Multiple Code Theory, Part II: The Spectrum of Dissociative Processes in the Psychoanalytic Relationship" (vedi la Parte I sul n. 2/2007)

Eyal Rozmarin, "An Other in Psychoanalysis: Emmanuel Levinas' Critique of Knowledge and Analytic Sense"

Adrienne Harris, "Discussion of Eyal Rozmarin‚s 'An Other in Psychoanalysis' "

Bruce Reis, "Sensing and (Analytic) Sensibilities: Some Thoughts Following Eyal Rozmarin's 'An Other in Psychoanalysis' "

Eyal Rozmarin, "The Other Is Everything: A Response to Adrienne Harris‚s and Bruce Reis‚s Discussions of 'An Other in Psychoanalysis' "

Charles B. Strozier, "Heinz Kohut and the Meanings of Identity"

Lewis Aron, "Reflections on Heinz Kohut‚s Religious Identity and Anti-Semitism: Discussion of Charles B. Strozier‚s „Heinz Kohut and the Meanings of Identityš"

Miltiades Zaphiropoulos, "A Reflective Appraisal: Discussion of Mi Yu‚s „Across Generation, Genders, and Culturesš"

Symposium on Sameness and Difference in the Consulting Room

Seth Aronson, "Introduction: (I Am) Everyday People"

Seth Aronson, "Balancing the Fiddlers on My Roof: On Wearing a Yarmulke and Working as a Psychoanalyst"

Marcelo Rubin, "Interpersonal Elements of Trauma and Culture"

Kimberlyn Leary, "On the Face of It - Difference and Sameness in Psychoanalysis: Discussion of Papers by Seth Aronson and Marcelo Rubin"

Book Reviews

Rebecca C. Curtis, "A little night science" (recensione-saggio di: Eric Kandel, In Search of Memory: The Emergence of a New Science of Mind. New York: Norton, 2006)

Judith Issroff, "All transience is only a likeness" (recensione-saggio di: Matthew von Unwerth, Freud‚s Requiem: Mourning, Memory, and the Invisible History of a Summer Walk. Riverside, CA: Putnam, 2005)

Robert Prince, "Present and past in sonata form" (recensione-saggio di: Kurt Grunberg, Love After Auschwitz. The Second Generation in Germany Ų Jewish Children of Survivors of the Nazi Persecution in the Federal Republic of Germany [con allegato l‚opuscolo On the Myth of Objective Research after Auschwitz: Unconscious Entanglements with the Nationalist Socialist Past in the Investigation of the Long-Term Psychosocial Consequences of the Shoah in the Federal Republic of Germany]. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers, 2006)

Dodi Goldman, "Mother of invention" (recensione-saggio di: Russell Meares, The Metaphor of Play: Origin and Breakdown of Personal Being. 3rd edition. London: Routledge, 2005; Russell Meares, Intimacy and Alienation: Memory, Trauma and Personal Being. New York: Brunner-Routledge, 2001)

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