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Volume 64

May/June 2002

Number 3

Aging and the Life-Course: Advancing Psychosomatic Medicine Research
Marcia G. Ory and Margaret Chesney

Relationship Between All-Cause Mortality and Cumulative Working Life Course Psychosocial and Physical Exposures in the United States Labor Market From 1968 to 1992
Benjamin C. Amick III, Peggy McDonough, Hong Chang, William H. Rogers, Carl F. Pieper, and Greg Duncan

Long-Term Impact of Preventive Proactivity on Quality of Life of the Old-Old
Eva Kahana, Renee H. Lawrence, Boaz Kahana, Kyle Kercher, Amy Wisniewski, Eleanor Stoller, Jordan Tobin, and Kurt Stange

Social Relationships, Gender, and Allostatic Load Across Two Age Cohorts
Teresa E. Seeman, Burton H. Singer, Carol D. Ryff, Gayle Dienberg Love, and Lene Levy-Storms

Loneliness and Health: Potential Mechanisms
John T. Cacioppo, Louise C. Hawkley, L. Elizabeth Crawford, John M. Ernst, Mary H. Burleson, Ray B. Kowalewski, William B. Malarkey, Eve Van Cauter, and Gary G. Berntson

A Path Model of Chronic Stress, the Metabolic Syndrome, and Coronary Heart Disease
Peter P. Vitaliano, James M. Scanlan, Jianping Zhang, Margaret V. Savage, Irl B. Hirsch, and Ilene C. Siegler

Trait Negative Affect Relates to Prior-Week Symptoms, But Not to Reports of Illness Episodes, Illness Symptoms, and Care Seeking Among Older Persons
Pablo A. Mora, Chantal Robitaille, Howard Leventhal, Mary Swigar, and Elaine A. Leventhal

Influences on Older Women's Adherence to a Low-Fat Diet in the Women's Health Initiative
Margaret H. Kearney, Milagros C. Rosal, Judith K. Ockene, and Linda C. Churchill

An Exercise Program for Women Who Are Caring for Relatives With Dementia
Cynthia M. Castro, Sara Wilcox, Paula O'Sullivan, Kellie Baumann, and Abby C. King

Telecommunications Technology as an Aid to Family Caregivers of Persons With Dementia
Sara J. Czaja and Mark P. Rubert

Health Consequences of Alzheimer's Caregiving Transitions: Effects of Placement and Bereavement
Igor Grant, Karen A. Adler, Thomas L. Patterson, Joel E. Dimsdale, Michael G. Ziegler, and Michael R. Irwin

Hippocampal Atrophy in Persons With Age-Associated Memory Impairment: Volumetry Within a Common Space
Michael S. Mega, Gary W. Small, Mina L. Xu, Jenaro Felix, Mario Manese, Nha P. Tran, Jason I. Dailey, Linda M. Ercoli, Susan Y. Bookheimer, and Arthur W. Toga

Distinguishing Between Neurodegenerative Disease and Disease-Free Aging: Correlating Neuropsychological Evaluations and Neuropathological Studies in Centenarians
Margery H. Silver, Kathy Newell, Christopher Brady, E. Tessa Hedley-White, and Thomas T. Perls

Physiologic Markers of Chronic Stress in Premenopausal, Middle-Aged Women
Lynda H. Powell, William R. Lovallo, Karen A. Matthews, Peter Meyer, A. Rees Midgley, Andrew Baum, Arthur A. Stone, Lynn Underwood, Judith J. McCann, Kristi Janikula Herro, and Marcia G. Ory

Assessing Quality of Life in Older Adults With Cognitive Impairment
Rebecca G. Logsdon, Laura E. Gibbons, Susan M. McCurry, and Linda Teri

Measuring Subclinical Disability in Older Mexican Americans
Helen P. Hazuda, Meghan B. Gerety, Shuko Lee, Cynthia D. Mulrow, and Michael J. Lichtenstein

Some Statistical Issues in the Analyses of Data From Longitudinal Studies of Elderly Chronic Care Populations
Eva Petkova and Jeanne Teresi

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