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Volume 48
April/May 2000
Number 4/5

Special Issue: Cardiology

The application of psychosomatic research to clinical cardiology 
B. Baker and D. Newman

The significance of this special issue
S. B. Knoebel

The current status of heart-mind relationship
S. Scheidt

Research as a basis for clinical care
R. Mayou

Going to the heart of the matter: do negative emotions cause coronary heart disease?
L. D. Kubzansky and I. Kawachi

Biobehaviorai factors in the context of ischemic cardiovascular diseases
A. T. Wielgosz and R. P. Nolan

ls panic disorder associated with coronary artery disease?  A critical review of the literature
R. Fleet, K. Lavoie and B. D. Reitman

Psychological factors affecting a medical condition: ischemic coronary heart disease
M. W. Ketterer, G. Mahr and A. D. Goidberg

An historical context for behavioral models of hypertension
W. Gerin, T. G. Pickering, L. Giynn, N. Christenfeid, A. Schwartz, D. Carroli and K. Davidson

Depression in patients with cardiac disease: a practical review
F. Lespérance and N. Frasure-Smith

Panic disorder and the heart: a cardiology perspective
F. M. Jeeieebhoy, P. Dorian and D. M. Newman

Assessment of quality of life in patients with cardiac disease: the role of psychosomatic medicine
J. R. Swenson and J. J. Clinch

Gender and psychosomatic aspects of ischemic heart disease
S. E. Abbey and D. E. Stewart

Risk factor modification through nonpharmacological interventions in patients with coronary heart disease 
E. H. W. J. Sebregts, P. R. J. Falger and F. W. H. M. Bár

Psychological treatments in cardiac rehabilitation: review of rationales and outcomes
W. Linden

Original Articles
Effects of anxiety and depression on 5-year mortality in 5057 patients referred for exercise testing
C. Herrmann, S. Brand-Driehorst, U. Buss and U. Roger

Behavioral risk factors of sudden cardiac arrest
A.Appels, B. Golombeck, A. Gorgels, J. de Vreede and G. van Breukelen

Depression and health-care costs during the first year following myocardial infarction
N. Frasure-Smith, F. Lespérance, G. Gravel, A. Masson, M. Juneau, M. Talalic and M. G. Bourassa

Decreased health care use among patients with silent myocardial ischemia: support for a generalized rather than cardiac-specific silence
M. Lumley, L. Rowland, T. Torosian, A. Bank, M. Ketterer, S. Pickard

Cerebral activation, hostility, and cardiovascular control during mental stress
P. A. Shapiro, R. P. Sloan, E. Bagiella, J. P. Kuhl, S. Anjilvel, J. J. Mann

Severe depression is associated with markediy reduced heart rate variability in patients with stable coronary heart disease
P.K. Stein, R. M. Carney, K. E. Freediand, J. A. Skala, A. S. Jaffe, R. E. Kleiger and J. N. Rottman

Gender differences in emotional disability and negative health perception in cardiac patients 6 months after stent implantation 
K.-H. Ladwig, N. Múhlberger, H. Walter, K. Schumacher, K. Popp, R. Holle, E. Zitzmann-Roth and A. Schomig

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